Tito Bustillo Centro de Arte Rupestre

Permanent exhibition

Exhibition hall

Tito Bustillo Cave is one of the best examples of Palaeolithic cave art in all Asturias. The hard-to-reach location of several of the artistic groups and the need to preserve this exceptional heritage motivated the creation of the Tito Bustillo Cave Art Centre.  

As they follow the exhibition itinerary, visitors will learn when the cave was discovered, how it was formed, who lived in it, and what kind of cave art it contains.


Area 1. A casual rappel down a sinkhole, and suddenly ... a treasure trove of Palaeolithic art

Area 2. A massif that isn’t quite so massive

Area 3. Hunters and artists

Area 4. A canvas over 20,000 years old

Area 5. Discovering hidden treasures


Area 6. From Palaeolithic art to World Heritage


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