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Permanent exhibition

Area 5. Discovering hidden treasures

The main novelty of Tito Bustillo cave art is contained in this area.

At present, visitors can only visit the Main Panel. However, in this room visitors can discover all the artistic clusters that are not open to the public for conservation reasons.

- An audiovisual illustrates the difficulty of reaching the Gallery of Anthropomorphic Figures discovered by Rodrigo de Balbín a decade ago. The cave art centre has replicated the stalactite flag and the two red schematic human figures on it. These anthropomorphic representations are unique in the cave art of northern Spain and in particular in Asturias, appearing only in large sites, such as Candamo, Llonín, and Tito Bustillo.

- The hidden Gallery of Horses discovered by Aurelio Capín, the first guide of the cave, is given over to a panel with engravings of six horses, one aurochs and possibly, a beard. A series of projections on a replica of the panel clearly reveals the delicate engravings that are almost imperceptible to the naked eye.

An impressive recreation of the wall of the Chamber of Vulvas allows visitors of admire the vulvar figures, traditionally interpreted as female sexual organs, and a rarity in the Cantabrian cave art with Tito Bustillo outstanding as the most brilliant and obvious example of it.

The exhibit is rounded out by panels illustrating the other artistic groups -the whale, loop-like shape traces, zooforms- and a visual game which shows the negative image of a hand, the only known example of its kind in Asturias.