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To the Cave of Ardines

The Ardines Cave is an immense geological dome that forms part of the system of galleries of the Macizo de Ardines. It stands out for the size of its large main chamber, where the ceiling reaches a height of 40 metres, now pierced by a natural hole that allows daylight to enter.

Visiting the Cave of Ardines requires visitors to climb up and down 300 steps

The visit to the Cave of Ardines lasts for 45 minutes on average. It is open the same days the Rupestrian Art Centre opens. 

The Cuevona de Ardines, a huge geological dome, can also be visited with no additional charge, with the purchase of a ticket to visit the Centro de Arte Rupestre de Tito Bustillo (Tito Bustillo Cave Art Centre), however, the inclusion of the Cuevona visit is not guaranteed with the purchase of the ticket.

Visitors are not allowed to take photographs or film during the guided tour of the Cuevona de Ardines


Important information for visiting the Cuevona de Ardines

  • The Cuevona de Ardines can be visited with no additional charge, with the purchase of a ticket to visit the Tito Bustillo Cave Art Centre.
  • To visit the Cuevona, online invitations can be collected at the following times only: 12:30 and 16:15 h. Other slots available throughout the day will be offered at the reception desk in the Cave Art Centre. Access is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, from when the Centre opens until all the available slots for the day are taken.
  • If you have collected an invitation for one of the two available times online (12:30 or 16:15 h), you must also present your ticket to visit the Cave Art Centre on the same day. Otherwise, the invitation to visit the Cuevona will not be valid.
  • You should bear in mind that you will need to climb 300 steps to access the Cuevona.
  • Visits are limited to 20 participants per slot.
  • The visit to the Cuevona de Ardines at 12:30 and 16:15 h. is not compatible with the visit to Tito Bustillo at 11:45 and 15:30 h. respectively.