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Other services

The cave art centre offers as variety of services:

- Cafeteria-restaurant “El cielo de Ribadesella”. Timetable: from 1st to 5th November and from 6th to 10th December, from 10:30 to 18:00 h.

- Resource room, located at the entrance level, it is equipped with computers, publications and information materials allowing visitors to find answers to their questions and to gain in-depth understanding. Available publications are listed in document: resource room references. 

- Shop, selling merchandising objects, didactic games, jewels, handcrafts, and a range of specialized books and publications.  

- Temporary exhibition hall, located on the first floor, it has a capacity to hold more than 50 people. Available year-round to hold events, conferences and projections.

- Terrace-viewpoint, located on the top floor or viewpoint floor, it offers a superb view over Ribadesella city and the estuary.

-Various educational and learning activities are carried out in the workshop room aimed at the general public.