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El Ático de Tito Bustillo Restaurant-cafeteria

El ático de Tito Bustillo

El Ático de Tito Bustillo is the Centre´s restaurant and cafeteria, a service provided by the well-known cook Bruno Lombán, chef and owner of the restaurant "Quince Nudos" in Ribadesella.

Situated on the Centre´s top floor, it offers both an inside dining area and a conditioned area on the terrace-lookout, offering its customers wonderful views of the Ribadesella and its estuary.

El Ático de Tito Bustillo, pleasant and functional, boasts open spaces and a modern and harmonious décor, in keeping with the surrounding area where stone, water and vegetation dominate. It is the ideal place to enjoy impeccable cuisine that is the perfect complement to a visit to the Rock Art Centre.


Open from 27th May, from fridays to sundays, from 11:00 to 16:00 h.