Tito Bustillo Centro de Arte Rupestre


Asturias is rich in material evidence from the late Palaeolithic (35,000 to 9,000 before present), with cave wall paintings and engravings providing unequivocal traces of the occupation of hunters and gatherers in the Upper Palaeolithic.

Good examples of this cave art are found in our region.

Besides, Tito Bustillo, following are the most representative sites of cave art in Asturias:

  • El Pindal cave (Ribadedeva council). 
  • El Buxu cave (Cangas de Onís council). 
  • La Loja cave (Peñamellera Baja council). 
  • La Peña de Candamo cave (Candamo council). 
  • La Lluera cave (Oviedo council). 

Archaeological deposits are a perfect example of the activity of prehistoric communities that gradually became more sedentary as a result of human evolution and adaptation to their environment. 

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